What is the installation method of the shower faucet?

Installing the shower faucet is relatively simple. Install it yourself according to the online video or manual, you can save an installation fee. If the installation quality cannot be guaranteed, please ask professional technicians to install it to avoid rework and maintenance.

(1) Installation preparation, prepare basic installation tools such as drills, rulers, and screwdrivers.
(2) Select the installation position, the installation of the shower faucet, first of all, pay attention to the selection of the installation position. The installation height is mainly judged according to the mixing valve on the shower faucet. If the installation position is too high, it will affect the installation of other accessories. If the installation height is too low, it is easy to meet, and there is a certain safety hazard. Be careful not to deviate from the horizontal line of the installation during the process.
(3) Drill holes for installation, and use a drill to drill holes in the selected position. Put the expansion screw expansion sleeve in the hole, tap it with a hammer, and then screw on the nut.
(4) Install the hose, install the shower faucet and adjust it properly, make sure the screw is tightened, and then install the shower hose.

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