What knowledge do you have about shower faucet accessories?

(1) Top spray shower head
The top spray is a necessary accessory for the shower. The top spray head is divided into round and square, and the diameter is generally between 200-250mm. It is composed of a panel, a water outlet and a universal ball. Stainless steel and other alloys.

(2) Faucet
It can control all the water outlet methods of the shower. It is composed of a water divider, a handle and a main body. The main body of the faucet is generally made of brass. Now some manufacturers use stainless steel main body, but the price is higher and the precision is not as high as that of brass.

(3) Shower pipe
The hard pipe connecting the faucet and the top sprinkler is made of copper, stainless steel and other alloys. The current elevating shower has a 20-35 cm elevating tube above the shower pipe. Generally, 30 cm above the top of the head is a reasonable bathing height. High to disperse the water flow.

(4) Shower hose
Connect the hose to the hand shower and the faucet. It is composed of stainless steel cladding, inner tube and connector, which is elastic and stretchable.

(5) Hand shower
It can be hand-held for flushing, it is more convenient for children and the elderly to use, and the material is made of plastic.

(6) Under the faucet
It can be rotated, lean against the wall when not in use, and turn around when in use, especially for washing towels, underwear, etc. It is very convenient.

(7) Fixed seat
It is dedicated to the fixed shower, and the shower faucet can be fixed at any time during the shower.

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