How about a plastic shower head?

1. Lightweight
If the hand shower is made of all-copper material, it will be much heavier than the plastic material for the same volume. During the shower, we need to hold the shower head for a long time. If it is a strong man, it is fine, but if it is the elderly, women, and children, it will be very tiring to hold the heavy shower head for a long time. Showering was supposed to be a process of enjoyment and relaxation, but instead it became a process of suffering.
Therefore, the use of ABS engineering plastics in the hand shower has undergone in-depth consideration, which can reduce the weight and facilitate the user. Of course, other parts of the shower head should still be made of copper.

2. Anti-scalding
ABS material has good thermal insulation performance. On the contrary, if all copper material is used, the temperature of the water flow is too high, and the shower head will be very hot. The use of plastic materials will effectively prevent the transfer of water temperature, no matter how long you use it, you don't have to worry about hot hands.

3. Kinetic energy
We all know that if you want to make various shapes of copper materials, you need to use machines to grind them. If ABS material is used, it only needs to be injection molded. In this way, the structure can be made as required during the manufacturing process.

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