What are the classifications of shower heads?

What are the categories of shower heads?

1. Portable shower, this kind of shower has the big advantage that it can be used in any rotating direction in the hand, and it is more flexible. But this is also the disadvantage of the portable shower. Holding the shower in one hand will be a little inconvenient when bathing. However, the shower can be prevented from being temporarily fixed on the shower bracket.

2. Overhead shower, the advantage of overhead shower is its convenience. You can bathe without holding the shower by hand. Its bracket is inside the wall, so the shower is not movable and needs to be turned when bathing. Body in order to achieve a full bath.

3. Body shower. This kind of shower is also fixed in the wall and sprays on the body side to achieve the effect of bathing. The advantage is that there are many different installation angles and positions, but the disadvantage is that the shower itself cannot be moved.

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