How to judge a good shower head?

1. Health and safety are of course the primary factors. Due to the special use range of the shower head, it will even pollute the drinking and shower water quality, so there are strict standards for the health and safety certification of shower products, such as my country's standard GB/T23447-2009, North America's CSA and OSHA certification, etc.

2. Comfort-sensory index is very important. The pressure and volume of the shower water have a great influence on the comfort of the shower. Should try to choose a shower with high water pressure. Some showers with multiple water outlets have more and more user-friendly designs. You can adjust the water outlets such as aerobic, rain, swell, and rapids at will, and "bath" as you like to improve the comfort of bathing. And the fun of bathing. There are three main ways to install the shower head: rain shower type high pole set, lifting pole installation and fixed support installation. It is recommended to install with a lifting pole, which is economical and practical without affecting the comfort. The rain shower set is luxurious, but maintenance is a bit troublesome.

3. Convenient maintenance, anti-scaling and non-clogging. Shower hot water will produce scale inside the shower, so after a period of use, poor-quality showers will become clogged or the water will not flow smoothly, and need to be cleaned. Many people ask the problem of clogged shower heads on the Internet. If you use a descaling agent or even soak it with vinegar regularly like in a hotel, the life of the shower can be imagined. Therefore, it is better to choose a shower that does not scale and is maintenance-free.

4. Save water and energy and help you save money. The national standard GBJ15-88 stipulates that the flow rate of the shower head is 9 liters/minute, while the flow rate of the shower heads on the market is as high as more than 20 liters. Turning on the shower faucet, what was lost was water and RMB. Energy prices are still rising, and households pay hundreds of yuan for water, electricity and coal each month. Buying a water-saving shower can save several hundred yuan a year. What's more, low-carbon people are now popular, and energy conservation and emission reduction are advocated throughout the country.

5. The appearance and workmanship are exquisite. A good shower has been used for many years, and its appearance is still the same as a new one. A bad shower will lose its luster quickly, which is related to the material and surface treatment of the shower. For example, the international standard for surface chromium plating is 8 microns, and some small manufacturers only have 2 microns, and the purity of the material is not up to it, and even other heavy metals and other materials are mixed. So you should pay attention to whether the shower has passed the standard certification.

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