Is the space aluminum shower head good?

1. Research and application of space aluminum bathroom shower. Shower head and other bathroom materials are mainly composed of zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel and synthetic materials. In recent years, the problem of lead in copper parts has been paid attention to, and other alternatives also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Appears to be able to solve this problem very well.

2. Space aluminum is the aluminum-magnesium alloy. Titanium has high anti-corrosion properties. It can also increase the hardness and flexibility of the material. Combined with aluminum alloy material, it can prolong the service life of bathroom shower products.

3. Space aluminum is a kind of metal material that is environmentally friendly and does not fade. In the past ten years, space aluminum kitchen and bathroom products have become a new trend. The space aluminum shower head is not rusted, non-fading, environmentally friendly and durable. The space aluminum shower head is durable and affordable while maintaining a beautiful appearance. It is suitable for various home decoration styles and brings you a comfortable and fashionable feeling.

4. As a new material for bathroom showers, space aluminum showerheads have higher hardness and toughness than other shower products of different materials such as copper, but consumers should keep their eyes open when purchasing, and buy regular and authentic space showers. aluminum products.

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