Do supercharged showers work? How about a supercharged shower?

Do you know what a pressurized shower is? What do you know about supercharged showers? Many of our high-level friends will choose to buy a pressurized shower. Below, Cixi XinYi Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd. will introduce you to what a pressurized shower is and what is the use of a pressurized shower. Let's take a look together.

How about a supercharged shower?
The so-called supercharged shower refers to inhaling air through the negative pressure formed by high-speed water flow, and then spraying the air and water equally, which reduces the water consumption and increases the speed of the water. The supercharged shower head perfectly avoids the defects of slow and slow water flow of ordinary shower heads, and at the same time achieves the environmental protection effect of saving water flow. It is an essential product for modern quality life, and has been trusted and supported by many consumers.

Do supercharged showers work?
From the previous point about the technology used in the supercharged shower, the supercharged shower only increases the water pressure of the shower outlet by changing the water inlet area, but does not really solve the problem of the lack of water pressure in the home. Precisely because of this, the booster sprinkler is very useful in families where the water pressure is insufficient at home, but the water pressure is stable enough to make the water heater ignite and maintain its working condition; In this case, the pressurized shower is not applicable.
It is not easy to pressurize the shower, but it is still enough for the shower. The advent of the negative ion booster shower has completely solved the existing doubts. Its watering sheet design is unique, it adopts the principle of variable diameter current-carrying booster, imported 304 stainless steel material, laser drilling, the diameter of the water inlet hole is 0.8, the diameter of the water outlet hole is 0.2, and the number of holes is 105-210. When the water flows through the holes, the water flow is rapidly pressurized. When the pressure of the tap water is high, the water it sprays will not sting the skin. The 0.2 hole diameter plus more than 100 holes, no matter how large the pressure, will be scattered when passing through the watering sheet and will naturally become very soft.

Through differentiation, ionization and ultra-high-strength magnetic field, water molecules are magnetized under the cutting effect of magnetic lines of force, converted into small molecules, fully activated and softened, activated water, enhanced water penetration, vitality and purification, and make a variety of precious minerals. , easy to be absorbed by human cells. It is more conducive to deeply organize the impurities and bacteria in the skin pores of the human body. Let the water molecules enter the surface of the skin abundantly, and make a correction to the skin in question.

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