Is the shower hose stainless steel or plastic better?

1. The shower nozzle of the shower hose must choose a well-designed shower nozzle, which is easy to clean and free of dirt. Although there are many different styles of shower heads on the market, and there are countless brands of shower heads, the quality of each brand of shower heads is of course uneven, and the imported shower bathroom brands are good in design and production technology. 

2. No matter what the price of the shower hose is, as long as it is of good quality, it is normal to be expensive. At present, the biggest feature is the shower hose made of copper, which has many beneficial benefits to the human body. The first benefit is the effect of negative ion dechlorination filtration to achieve a safe and healthy bathing effect. If the bathing water is good, it can be absorbed by the skin and enhance the penetration and cleaning power of the water. The second benefit is the effect of beauty and skin care, deep cleansing and deep hydration, nourishing and smoothing every part of the body, and anti-oxidation.

3. The third advantage of the shower hose is that the water from the nozzle with strong impulse can play the role of massaging the skin. Such a bathing effect can also relieve fatigue, the water is fine, and it also avoids the blockage of the water outlet, promotes metabolism, and returns Has health care benefits.

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