What is a large shower head?

The large shower head is a type of shower head, which is different from the usual shower head in its size and size. The large shower has a large appearance and is usually suitable for places such as campuses and troops in collective life, and is used for showers in public bathrooms. With the continuous strengthening of the function of the large shower, many families have now replaced the large shower. In the process of using the large shower, the water flow is large, and the impact force of the water is also large, not only the shower is more comfortable, but also has a certain massage effect in the water, which can penetrate into the blood circulation extremely well.

Compared with the general shower head, the large shower head has its own advantages. First of all, the large shower is relatively rich in appearance, so the volume scale is relatively large, so the appearance is also more convenient, which is very satisfactory to everyone's aesthetics; secondly, the large shower has many water outlet holes, large water output, and impact force. Strong and excellent to ensure the comfort of the shower; the large shower head has a self-cleaning function, which can clean up the dirt by itself, and should not block the water outlet; the impact force of the water outlet of the large shower head can have a massage effect on the body, which can Relieve the fatigue of the human body and bring people a sense of relaxation.

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