How to use the thermostatic shower?

How to use the thermostatic shower:
The standard thermostatic shower faucet has a knob on the left and right, and the knob on the left adjusts the water temperature: if it is turned forward, the water temperature will drop; if it is turned backward, the water temperature will rise, but it will not turn when it reaches 38°C. This is because it is easy to burn the skin when the water temperature exceeds 38°C. If you need hot water with a higher water temperature, you must press and hold the red safety button on the knob to continue to screw it back. The knob on the right controls the water outlet method and water volume: when the scale is aligned, it is in a closed state; screw it forward, the water outlet nozzle below will flow out, and the more you screw it forward, the larger the water volume; if you screw it backward, the shower will flow out, and the further you screw it back, the more water volume will flow. .
When installing, the shower should try not to collide with hard objects, and do not leave cement, glue, etc. on the surface, so as not to damage the gloss of the surface coating. Pay attention to remove the debris in the pipeline before installing, otherwise the shower will be blocked by the debris in the pipeline, which will affect the use.
About the constant temperature shower, and what is the use of the constant temperature shower, the editor will share so much for you. Here, the editor recommends that you buy a high-end constant temperature shower. After all, compared with ordinary showers, the constant temperature shower of high-end bathroom products has the ability to quickly lock the water temperature and maintain a constant water temperature suitable for the user's favorite, which greatly improves the It improves the safety and comfort of the shower, and avoids the hot and cold water temperature that may occur in the shower caused by the problem of water pressure or hot water source when using a common shower head.

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