How to choose the height of bathroom shower installation?

Shower head unit height

There are clear rules in the industry regarding the height of the shower head. Among them, showers are mainly divided into fixed showers and surface mounted showers. There are relevant rules, the height of the installation of the shower head should be 2.1 meters from the ground to the base of the water outlet buried on the wall, and the height of the shower switch base should be 1.1 meters from the ground; The height of the shower device is preferably 2 meters above the ground. The height of such a shower installation is a general rule, and if necessary, it can be determined according to one's own wishes.

Use a drilling machine to drill holes according to the previously described dimensions, and install them into the S-shaped joint, which can adjust the direction and facilitate the connection with the shower faucet. The joint should be wrapped with raw tape, and the number of turns should not be less than 30, which can avoid water leakage in the water pipe. Install the shower lift seat and eccentric parts, and then cover the decoration cover.

Install all the brackets of the shower, take out the shower faucet, put the foot pad into the nut, then connect it with the S-bend joint, and fully tighten the nut with a wrench. Use a spirit level to measure whether the faucet is level.

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