Do you know this knowledge about in-wall showers?

The showerhead in the bathroom is one of the important sanitary wares in the bathroom. A comfortable showerhead can provide your family with a comfortable and comfortable hot water bath. The space in the small room is relatively small, so choosing an in-wall showerhead can save space and make the bathroom more comfortable. Your decoration is more concise and elegant, refined and elegant. In this article, Cixi XinYi Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd. will introduce you to the in-wall shower.

An in-wall shower is a shower head. There are three types of showers:
①Portable shower head: You can hold the shower head in your hand to shower at will, and the shower head bracket has a fixed function.
Overhead shower: The shower head is fixed at the top of the head, the bracket is inserted into the wall, and does not have the function of lifting, but there is a small movable ball on the shower head, which is used to adjust the viewpoint of the water, and the contrast between the upper and lower movable viewpoints is flexible.
③Posture shower: The shower is hidden in the wall and sprays sideways on the body. There are various device orientations and water spray viewpoints, which have the effect of cleaning and massaging.

1. The size of the in-wall shower faucet is fixed. After installation, its ease of use is also related to the size of the basin, bathtub, etc. it is matched with. The position of the faucet outlet should not be close to the edge, otherwise it will affect the use. If the faucet is installed independently, there is no need to consider the combination of the interior, and you can freely choose the shape of the basin.

2. There are not many accessories on the wall for the in-wall shower faucet. It is best not to easily replace it after installation, so it is better to choose some brand products with excellent quality. Before purchasing, fully understand the accessories of the product.

3. When choosing a shower faucet, try to see if the switch handle is smooth. You can't just choose a beautiful style and ignore the practicality of the product.

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