Do you know the shower screen purchasing skills?

1. The shower location of the shower screen: Most shower screens will have two shower heads. Relatively speaking, the hand-held shower is not used frequently, so its location should not affect people's normal showering. Moreover, the exposed hose can also hang down from the side, which is safe and easy to use.

2. Whether the massage position is accurate: You need to try this yourself, and the position of the water spray holes of the shower screens of different brands is different. When choosing products, pay attention to whether the massage position of the shower screen can be adjusted according to the height, body shape and massage position of different people, so that the family can use the shower screen satisfactorily.

3. Whether the switch is smooth to use: One of the main differences between the shower screen and the shower head is that the shower screen has many switch buttons. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the switch of the shower screen is easy and comfortable to use, so as to provide more efficient and convenient services.

4. Shelf position: Shower screens generally have a shelf. When choosing, you must check whether the height of the screen is suitable for family use, and whether the size can hold the daily necessities that are commonly used.

5. Whether the water outlet is sufficient: the shower screen has many water outlet holes, so the water outlet effect will be affected by many factors, such as the sealing of the shower screen, etc. If the water outlet is not sufficient and smooth, it may be the quality problem of the shower screen.

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