What are the matching skills of in-wall shower head?

Matching skills of in-wall shower head:
1. Color matching
Most of the shower faucets are made of stainless steel, with strong modern color and high fashion. Choose a shower room with the same stainless steel frame, bathroom racks and other bathroom products of the same color to match, and the wall tiles can also use visual colors such as black. A powerful color that enhances the modern feel of the bathroom and enhances the style.

2. House type matching
The shower faucet is suitable for all kinds of apartment decoration. The simple shower room is matched with the shower head, occupying a corner of the bathroom, simple and fashionable. If the apartment is larger, you can choose a faucet with a double handle and a water outlet, which looks atmospheric. For small apartments, you can choose a faucet with a single handle, which is small and exquisite, suitable for IKEA.

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