Which is better, shower screen or shower head?

The shower screen is a new type of bathing tool. Compared with the traditional shower, it is more atmospheric. It's just that shower screens and showers have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they are suitable for different types. So, which one is better, shower screen or shower? Let's find out together.

The advantages of shower screen and shower head:
Shower screen:
Advantages: First of all, the shower screen looks good, and the atmosphere is noble. Secondly, the shower screen is not easy to splash, which can keep the bathroom relatively dry. The important thing is that the shower screen has many functions, and can also have a massage function, which can meet different needs.

Advantages: The price of the shower head is relatively easy to install, and it is suitable for shower rooms of different sizes and saves space. Small, easy to clean and save water. The water pressure required is also small, and it is convenient to use.

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