High Pressure Water Saving SPA Ionic Filter Shower Head

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Filter ball introduction


Maifanite stone ball is made by natural maifanite ( aka Maifan stone,Maifanshi stone ) is produced from porphyritic pea gravel in the valley , named maifan stone because of its appearance  is similar to rice. It is a kind of mineral health healing stone with biological activity.It can dissolve out 42 kinds of elements including 20 kinds trace elements which human body need and 15 kinds rare earth elements.Maifan stone is earliest natural mineral medicine stone which we applied, it can dissolving out the Potassium Sodium, Magnesium,Silicon, Fierce,Ti, P etc. more than 20 kinds nutrient elements which are necessary for human body.Especially the metasilicic acid content can reach 60mg/L, it is as same as the International Mineral Water Standard.The maifan stone is called as Health stone, Longevity stone.


Maifan stone ball gives  minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ion, which were taken away while purifying the water. Maifan stone is widely used in medical, food and health, environment protection, water quality improvement, beverages, wine, medicine, deodorant, crops, flower cultivation, poultry,  aquaculture  etc. industries.It has the character such as purifying water quality, increase the biological activity of water,improve the body's physiological function and adjust the pH value by two-way regulating.


If drinking the water that treating by maifan stone for a long time, that can protect liver, invigorating stomach, diuresis, stable and healthy blood pressure,improve blood circulation, preventing sickness,anti-cancer, prolong life, protect skin and beaty face, strong bones, develop brains, promoting growth, stop bleeding and detumescence. It widely used in medical, food and health, environment protection, water quality improvement, beverages, wine, medicine, deodorant, crops, flower cultivation, poultry,aquaculture etc. industries.


The water treated by maifan stone  can increase the minerals in the water to active the Ion of water, it also can absorb the toxic substances because of pollution. and change the water into the clean active mineral water.    Just because of these character of maifan stone,our maifan stone ceramic ball can dissolve out  Zinc and Metasilicic acid.their contents can up to the National Standard for  drinking water.After the testing of toxicology experiment and radioactive by National Health Department and prove that the Maifan stone ball is poisonless and harmless to human body.

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