Which is better, multi-function shower or single-function shower?

In the hot summer, when you come home after a day's work, a carefree bath will surely make everyone wash away the fatigue of the day, enjoy the coolness, and release the pressure of the day. What kind of shower head to choose determines the quality and comfort of our shower. Now there are mainly two kinds of shower head on the market, multi-function shower head and single-function shower head, so how do we choose?

The function of single-function shower head is relatively simple, and the water outlet method cannot be adjusted at will, but the water outlet is very gentle, which is more suitable for user families with low water pressure and low requirements for water output and water output. Most of the old-fashioned showers at home are of this type. If you can choose an ordinary single-function shower with good quality and material, it is also an affordable choice for ordinary families.

We can see from the literal meaning of the multi-function showerhead that it has a variety of water output methods, and there are several gears to choose from whether it is the water output volume or the water output strength, which greatly facilitates the use of users, but the multi-functional The shower has higher requirements on water pressure, but because of this, the cleaning and dredging of the multi-function shower is more convenient than that of the single-function shower, and the water pressure can be used to dredge well. With the advancement of technology, more advanced multi-functional showers even have other functions, such as negative ions or spray functions, so that you can not only enjoy the shower, but also maintain health, or beauty and beauty. do an advanced spa for the body. I believe that you must be moved if you have high demands on life, right?

In addition to function, of course, the most important thing is quality. Whether you choose a single-function shower or a multi-function shower, it is essential for quality inspection. Whether it is a faucet, a hose, a shower column, a pool shower, or the material and anti-rust treatment of the shower head, you should pay attention to it. The key factor of convenience or not, you go to the exhibition area, try the functions of the single-function showerhead and the multi-function showerhead yourself, and actually test their quality, because although the shower may not be more than a dozen per day, it is about Your living comfort index.

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