Do you know the tips for choosing a high-quality shower head?

As a bathroom equipment with a high frequency of use, the quality of the product is the key. Here are some more common tips for purchasing high-quality shower heads:

One look: to see if the body of the shower and the electroplating layer on the surface are smooth and smooth. This is because the use of the shower in the humid environment of the bathroom requires high corrosion resistance of the shower, which requires the shower to have superior corrosion resistance. The surface of the shower is generally chrome-plated, but it is also chrome-plated, and the process treatment is very different. A good tube body is made of all-copper material, and the surface should undergo grinding, polishing, dust removal, nickel plating, chrome plating and other processing procedures to ensure that it will not turn black, blister and fall off during use. Look, the brighter and more delicate the naked eye can see, the better the coating process is.

Second grip: hold the tube body in hand to determine the quality of the material. The same is a chrome-plated shower, and some unscrupulous merchants will use cast iron pipes to pretend to be full copper pipes. A simple way to judge is to hold the pipe body with your hand and release it after 2 or 3 seconds. If the mist on the pipe body If it doesn't disperse for a long time, it is very likely to be a cast iron pipe. If the pipe body is almost unchanged after the hand is removed, it can basically be determined to be a copper pipe. In addition, the percussion sound of the copper pipe body is clear and crisp, and the sound of the cast iron pipe is low and dull, and percussion is also a method to determine the material of the shower pipe body.

Three questions: As the saying goes, the layman sees the fun, and the expert sees the doorway. Whether the quality of the shower is good or not, the invisible place is important, so be sure to ask the merchant about the material and service life of the shower switch valve core. The shower switch valve core is better equipped with high-quality ceramic valve core, and the service life should not be less than 500,000 times of switching. Therefore, you can't just focus on low prices or good-looking styles and ignore the internal quality, which will cause inconvenience to your future life.

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