Teach you how to adjust the ratio of cold and heat of the thermostatic shower head?

Due to the unstable water pressure, I often encounter hot and cold conditions when bathing, either being scalded or frozen. Especially in autumn and winter, it is easy to cause a cold. I believe this situation is very distressing. Also, use When pouring directly on your face, you may be scalded, and the health and safety hazards of the shower head should not be ignored.
A constant temperature shower can solve this problem. As for what is a constant temperature shower, and why a constant temperature shower can be solved, let's briefly and rudely analyze the principle of a constant temperature shower:

The so-called constant temperature shower, as the name suggests, is a shower that can control the water temperature to be constant. Its working principle is that the valve core in the mixing valve has a thermal element, which uses the characteristics of the temperature sensitive element to push the valve core to move, block or open the water inlet of cold and hot water, and open it while blocking the cold water. Hot water, can automatically adjust the mixing ratio of cold and hot water, so that the water temperature is constant.

So, how many degrees of temperature is suitable as a constant temperature for bathing? Let Cixi XinYi Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd. tell you:
The water temperature of the constant temperature shower is constant at 38 degrees Z for comfort. The "standard water temperature" is 38°C. This data comes from a clinical trial conducted by European dermatologists. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin. This temperature is very close to human body temperature, which is not easy to irritate the skin, and it is easier to clean the skin. dirt.

1. The temperature of the bathing water should be close to the body temperature. In summer, the temperature of the bathing water should be kept at 34-36 °C. After bathing, the water will evaporate and the heat will be effectively dissipated, increasing the blood return;

2. The water temperature for bathing in winter should not be too high. It is better to maintain it at 37°C to 40°C. If the water temperature is too high, the epidermal blood vessels of the whole body will expand, the blood flow of the heart and brain will be reduced, and hypoxia will occur.

The principle of the thermostatic faucet is on the valve core. The valve core of the thermostatic faucet has a temperature sensing element, which is generally made of paraffin or nickel-titanium alloy.

The temperature sensing element will change its shape according to the change of temperature. For example, the temperature sensing element made of paraffin will expand or shrink with the temperature. When the water temperature changes, the volume of the paraffin will change, and then through a certain Some control shafts are used to adjust the valve core, and the valve core adjusts the mixing ratio of cold water and hot water, so that the water temperature can be adjusted to maintain a certain temperature, and the effect of constant temperature water output can be achieved.

Many people expressed that they did not understand it. It was obviously a shower, why did it become a faucet with constant temperature? So, the question arises again, what the hell is a thermostatic faucet? Please see:
Thermostatic shower is another name for shower thermostatic faucet, also known as thermostatic shower faucet or thermostatic shower faucet. In the family, there are generally four places to use the hot and cold water mixing faucet: the kitchen, the wash basin, the bathtub, and the shower room. Among them, because the mixed warm water used in the shower is directly sprayed on the body of the person through the shower, maintaining a constant temperature can greatly improve the safety and comfort of the shower. The use of a thermostatic mixing faucet with a shower head can achieve this purpose.

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