How to use and install the shower faucet?

Use and installation
Although the faucet is a small part, its function is very important. The pipeline of the bathroom is complicated, and there are hot and cold water points. Therefore, its installation and placement also have many particularities.

Under normal circumstances, the shower head and the faucet are installed and used together, the faucet is 70-80 cm from the ground, the shower column height is 1.1 meters, the length of the joint between the faucet and the shower column is 10-20 cm, and the height of the shower head from the ground is 2.1-2.2 Meters, consumers should fully consider the size of the bathroom space when buying. The shower faucet can be installed on the wall, or installed in the wall, with only the handle exposed, or installed on the bathtub.

Do not install the cold and hot water supply pipes backwards. Under normal circumstances, facing the faucet on the left is the hot water supply pipe, and on the right is the cold water supply pipe. Except for special signs. After the installation is complete, remove the aerators, showers and other easily clogged accessories, let the water flow out, completely remove the impurities, and then reinstall them. The tools attached with the faucet should be kept for future maintenance. When disassembling the water inlet hose, do not wrap the sealing tape or use a wrench, just tighten it by hand, otherwise the hose will be damaged. For wall-mounted faucets, determine the exposed length of the elbow according to the needs, otherwise the elbow will expose too much of the wall, which will affect the appearance.
For thermostatic faucets, the recommended static pressure for hot and cold water supply is 3bar (0.3MPa), and the minimum water supply pressure is 0.5bar (0.05MPa). The pressure difference between the cold and hot water supply is not more than 2bar (0.2MPa). If the water supply pressure is more than 5bar (0.5MPa), please install a pressure reducing valve. For thermostatic faucets, the hot water supply temperature range is 50°C-80°C, and the recommended hot water supply temperature is 65°C.

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