How to Install an Overhead Shower?

An Overhead Shower provides a stylish showering experience in the bathroom. They offer a range of different settings, from pulsating massage to water-saving trickles and are often customizable to fit the user's mood or needs.

There are two types of overhead showers: ceiling-mounted built-in and wall-mounted with arm. The latter are more elegant and give the bathroom a clean, contemporary look.

When installing a wall-mounted shower arm, start by measuring the height that is comfortable for your family members. Ideally, the new arm should be a few inches above the height of the tallest person in the household.

Next, install a 1/2 " NPT male nipple (called a mounting nipple), extending 5/8" past the finished wall. Using your plumber's tape, wrap the exposed threads of this "mounting nipple" and screw it into the elbow (not provided).

Once the arm is in place, seal around the exposed mounting nipple with waterproof tile sealant. When the nipple is tight, screw the shower base (which comes with the arm) to its "mounting nipple" until it sits flush against the wall.

Some arms have a swivel feature, making it easier to move your head around. You can even find adjustable shower heads that extend out from the arm for a longer reach.

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