How a Shower Filter Can Improve Your Bathing Experience?

If you're looking for a way to make your shower experience as luxurious as possible, a shower filter may be the solution. These devices use filtration techniques that remove chlorine, metals and minerals to keep your hair and skin soft and healthy.

Shower Filter Features:
The best shower filters will provide a variety of different filtration stages that can be adjusted to meet your individual needs. They will also be easy to install and offer a long lifespan.

Typically, the first stage of a shower filter is KDF-55 (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion), which reduces the amount of chlorine in your water. KDF-55 filters are also often used with activated carbon to remove a range of impurities from your water, including a significant amount of iron and manganese.

Another filtration medium that's found in most shower filter systems is calcium sulfite, which is a powerful, highly effective way to reduce chlorine and other harmful contaminants in your water. Most calcium sulfite shower filters will include a GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filter as well, which removes a number of undesirable substances that can affect the quality of your water.

Hard water is a common problem in many homes, and installing a shower filter can help to improve your bathing experience by eliminating soap scum and leaving your glassware smooth without any streaks or cloudiness. However, we recommend that you have a water softener installed in your home before purchasing a shower filter.

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