Advantages of a Handheld Shower?

A Handheld Shower is a great way to get a shower in a pinch. The handheld shower hose can reach awkward places and make it easy to rinse your body. It also has the added benefit of improving water pressure. You'll feel cleaner and more awake when you take a shower with a handheld shower head.

Handheld showers also are great for elderly or disabled people. They can give the elderly more independence by being able to bathe themselves while sitting in a wheel chair. They are also great for washing your pets. They save water and energy. You can even get a shower head with a water-saving feature, making it greener and more convenient to use.

Another great advantage of a hand-held shower is its ease of use. It's much easier to clean with one than a standard shower head. Many of these heads also feature adjustable heights. Choosing the right height will help you reach the shower head when you're sitting down. Handheld showers are also convenient for people recovering from surgery or injury.

Before you install a Handheld Shower Head, be sure to check with your landlord. Some landlords don't want their tenants to mess with the plumbing in the bathroom. Ask them what kind of modifications they're allowing you to make. In most cases, a Handheld Shower Head is considered to be a reasonable modification.

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