What should I pay attention to when installing in-wall showers?

Precautions for installation of in-wall showers
All pipes including water dividers are buried in the wall, and the faucet is connected with the pipe in the wall. Only such a handle protrudes from the wall. From the appearance, we can only see the handle of one of our corporate leaders. It's easy to say, but there are many precautions when installing.



1. Before the faucet enters the wall, the depth of the faucet should be buried in the wall specified in the manual, and the pressure test of the faucet connection part should be carried out to check for leakage and repair. Don't forget to exhaust all the air in the duct and faucet when testing the pressure.


2. The size of the wall-mounted faucet is fixed. After installation, its usefulness depends on the size of the basin and bathtub. The exit position of the faucet should not be close to the edge, or it will affect the use. If the faucet is installed independently, there is no need to consider the internal combination, and you can freely choose the basin type.


3. House type matching. The shower faucet is suitable for all types of house decoration. The simple shower room with shower head occupies a corner of the bathroom, simple and stylish. If the apartment is large, you can choose a faucet with two handles to bring down the water, which looks atmospheric. For the small apartment, you can choose a single-handle faucet, which is small and exquisite and suitable for IKEA.


There are many styles of in-wall showers, and the quality is different. We must also pay attention to certain purchasing methods and skills when purchasing, comprehensively analyze and consider the basic conditions of the company’s brand and quality, and then choose the best according to the needs of the students. . The utility model is not only suitable for small bathrooms, but also suitable for large bathrooms, because the in-wall shower not only saves space, but also has a unique design, exquisite shape, and convenient collocation.

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