What is the installation and adjustment method of the shower curtain rod?

1. At present, the installation method of the telescopic shower curtain rod is mainly divided into three types according to the length adjustment method of the shower curtain rod: full spring, fine adjustment + spring, and fine adjustment. Among them, the fine adjustment + spring method is the most common, and the simple fine adjustment method is due to poor firmness. Has been gradually eliminated, the all-spring method does not require fine-tuning and the installation is the simplest, so it is most suitable for buyers who use the telescopic shower curtain rod for the first time.






2. It is worth noting that the quality of the plastic parts such as the telescopic shower curtain rod sleeve and fine-tuning button is very important. The sleeves at both ends should be made of ABS engineering rubber, which is the strongest material. If the contact part of the sleeve and the wall is made of elastic plastic, With the addition of a three-dimensional pattern design on the surface, it will be easier to fit the wall, and it will be easier and stronger to install.


3. The shower curtain rod refers to the telescopic support rod used to hang the shower curtain. It is generally an inner and outer tube structure, that is, a small tube extends into a large tube, and the shower curtain rod is fixed by internal buckles, springs or screws. Then hang the shower curtain. Shower curtain rods are divided into two types: expansion rods and fixed on the wall with screws. If you choose a straight shower curtain rod with two wall support points, you can choose an expansion rod, which is easy to install and easy to move; and once you choose a curved shower curtain rod, you must choose both ends to be fixed on the wall with screws The shower curtain rod of the stainless steel tube on the surface is safe and strong.

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