What are the selection techniques for shower faucets?

Tips for selecting shower faucets:

At present, many brands of faucets are designed with different styles of products, and consumers can choose according to their preferences and bathroom styles when buying. The surface of common faucets has titanium plating, chrome plating, baking varnish, porcelain and other types, and stainless steel chrome plating is the most common. Colored faucets are also loved by people. The colors are red, yellow, black, blue, etc., which can be used in color matching with other appliances in the bathroom to play an ornamental role.

By performance
When choosing a faucet, you must first switch and touch the handle several times to see if the feel is delicate and tight. Too loose or too tight is not good. The surface finish is also one of the highlights. The better the surface treatment, the smoother and brighter it is, the better the craftsmanship is, and the quality can also be reflected indirectly. In addition to looking at these, you have to look at whether there are trachoma or cracks in the joints of the faucet. Trachoma is the small holes and cracks that appear in the casting process on the surface and inside of the copper material. If there is a trachoma, water will seep after passing water, and it will break in severe cases.

Actual family situation
The two-handle shower faucet, such as hot water in the left hand and cold water in the right hand, is clearly marked and convenient to use. It is more suitable for the elderly or children. The shape of the single handle is relatively good-looking, simple in shape, rotating left and right to adjust the hot and cold water, it is easy to operate but it needs to be used carefully to avoid burning.

Faucet spool
The spool of the faucet is like the human heart, and the quality of the spool is particularly important when choosing.
There are three common faucet valve cores on the market: stainless steel ball valve, ceramic disc valve core and roller type valve core. The common feature of these three kinds of valve cores is that they are integral, the whole core shaft is integrated, and it is easy to install, maintain and replace. The advantages of ceramic disc valve cores are low price and low water pollution, but the ceramic texture is brittle and easy to break. ; The advantages of the roller spool are smooth handle rotation, easy and simple operation, aging resistance and abrasion resistance; while the stainless steel ball valve has a high technological content, some high-end sanitary products use it as the spool of their latest faucet products. Accurately control the water temperature to ensure that the hot water flows out quickly and accurately, saving water and energy.

Water saving performance
With the rise of water prices, people have to pay attention to the water saving of faucets. Usually, an ordinary faucet and a water-saving faucet have a greatly different water output. The water-saving faucets on the market can open and close hundreds of thousands of times without leaking a drop of water. Compared with the old-style faucets, it can save water by 30-50%. Many new high-tech faucets such as ceramic chip, variable distance, self-closing type, etc., are tightly closed, sensitive, and the closing speed is only one-tenth of the old faucet. The water-saving effect is remarkable, and the latest water-saving faucet has The new design can adjust or remove the water-saving device installed in the faucet by itself, freely switch and control the water-saving rate, thereby enhancing the water-saving effect. Products made of ball valves are recognized by the industry as the best in terms of water saving. You can consult sales staff when purchasing products that use related technologies. Most of the well-known brands on the market have such products.

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