What are the reasons for the leaking shower head?

Causes of leaking shower head:





1. Thermal expansion and contraction: when the water is heated, dripping may sometimes occur. When the weather is cold and the water temperature is low, this situation will be reduced, because the volume of water becomes larger and overflows when the temperature is high. Such dripping is a normal phenomenon and is not required. deal with.
2. Atmospheric pressure: Sometimes after turning off the shower nozzle, you will find that there is a brief dripping. In fact, this is caused by atmospheric pressure. When you turn off the nozzle, there is still a part of water in it. Due to the atmospheric pressure, the water cannot flow out. . When the atmospheric pressure changes, or the vibration destroys the balance of atmospheric pressure, the remaining water of the large nozzle will flow out. The larger the nozzle, the more likely this phenomenon will occur.
3. Impurities and sediments: The shower nozzle has been used for a long time, and different parts will deposit many impurities. At this time, it is necessary to disassemble the shower nozzle for cleaning.
4. Loose parts: Check carefully if there is any looseness, and tighten the loose parts in time.

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