What are the key points for the selection of shower design?

1. Water-saving function is the key point to consider when purchasing a shower. Some showers use a steel ball valve core and are equipped with a hot water controller, which can adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This type of shower with a reasonable design saves 50% of water than ordinary showers. The multi-stage function of the shower is mainly to adjust the water output through different water outlets to achieve the effect of water saving. The new type of water shower can divide the water into thousands of tiny water particles like raindrops. The most prominent way of saving water for single-strand showers is the fully concentrated water column. Although the flushing is powerful, each sprinkler will automatically reduce the amount of water.
2. Second, pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean.
3. Shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of use.
4. The design trend of shower products is the combination configuration of fixed shower and hand shower, that is, the fixed and hand shower are installed separately at the same time.
5. The shower products are mostly made of plastic materials, and the more high-end ones use silica gel.
6. In addition to the water outlet method, the shower has diversified functions such as energy saving, self-cleaning, and constant water temperature.


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