What are the advantages of overhead showers?

The advantages of overhead showers are:


1. Water saving and energy saving
The national standard GBJ15-88 stipulates that the flow rate of the shower head is 9 liters per minute, while the flow rate of the shower heads on the market is as high as more than 20 liters. Turning on the shower faucet, what was lost was water and RMB. Buying a ceiling shower can save a few hundred yuan a year. What's more, low-carbon people are now popular, and energy conservation and emission reduction are advocated throughout the country.


2. Convenient maintenance, anti-scaling and non-clogging
Shower hot water will produce scale inside the shower, so after a period of time, poor quality showers will become clogged or the water will not flow smoothly, and need to be cleaned. The ceiling shower does not scale and is maintenance-free.


3. High comfort
The water pressure and volume of the shower water have a great influence on the comfort of the shower. The ceiling shower has a variety of water outlet methods, and the design is humanized. You can adjust the water outlet methods such as aerobic, rain, swell, and rapids at will to improve the comfort and pleasure of bathing.


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