Is the in-wall shower good?

Since all the pipes of the in-wall shower are embedded in the wall, only a sprinkler and a switch are needed on the outside. The feeling of all the bathhouses is a comparatively simple personality. Compared with a bathhouse with a suitable small area, due to the small area of ​​the bathhouse, the water pipes are inserted. The wall saves a part of the space, and makes the shower room function as a whole, beautiful and generous.




1. Widely used
The in-wall shower has been widely adopted by the society. Because it saves bathroom space, it can also extend the life of the shower. But it must be installed in the process of building the house. The traditional wall-mounted shower head can be reinstalled after the renovation is complete. So there is an essential difference in the form of installation.
2. The style is versatile
In-wall shower, as the name suggests, the hose used is embedded in the wall, and only the sprinkler and switch are exposed outside. Simple and generous, saving space, more suitable for rooms with a small area, easy to clean the bathroom. The in-wall shower is very versatile, suitable for any decoration style.
In the process of continuous development, the in-wall shower is also constantly absorbing the essence of international high-tech, starting from the desire of modern urbanites to pursue a proactive, innovative and fashionable lifestyle, and incorporating a determined attitude towards life into the product. And pass this positive life concept to every user.