What Types of Overhead Showers Are Available on the Market?

A modern shower has become a multifunctional device with the ability to perform multiple functions, including temperature control, LED lights, chromotherapy, air-induction, and more. There are many different options to choose from, from rain showers to sprayers that can be used for aromatherapy or hydromassage.

Wall-mounted fixed overhead showers – this type of overhead shower is the most common, and the easiest to install. They usually come with a metal hose, which is more durable and cost-effective than plastic hoses.
Shower panels – these are the new trend in the shower world, and they are a great addition to any bathroom that is going for a sleek modern look. They typically come with a waterfall shower head, hand showers, body sprayers, and sometimes even a built-in full-body shower panel to provide an incredible spa-like experience.
Rainhead overhead showers – these are the most luxurious option, and they add a lot to a bathroom's aesthetic. They can be ceiling-mounted or top-mounted, and they often include more nozzles for water to flow through than standard overhead shower heads.

What makes rainheads so special is the nozzles, which shoot water out of one orifice, rather than through multiple tiny silicone jets like other overhead shower heads. This allows for a smoother, more comfortable flow with less chance of clogging.

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