What kind of knowledge introduction does Modern Sanitary Ware have?

Contemporary design is reflected in a number of sanitary ware styles. The most traditional is the floor-mounted toilet with a high-level cistern. The cistern is connected to the floor with a visible drain pipe. Close-coupled sanitary ware, on the other hand, is a pan that is mounted on the floor and has a cistern that sits in the toilet. This type of design is easy to clean and install, and provides a modern and light look to the bathroom. Kerasan offers different styles, including a toilet without a back-to-wall installation.

Choosing the right sanitary ware is an important decision. Choose a style that complements your room's decor. The right sanitary ware is both durable and comfortable. It should fit the size of your bathroom, and be easy to clean and install. Also, choose sanitary ware that is made from quality materials.

Another important feature of modern sanitary ware is its eco-friendliness. Kerasan products feature dual-flushing systems that help conserve water. This design option is great for anyone who wants to minimize water consumption. The dual-flushing feature allows you to choose how much water is needed for each flush.

Modern sanitary ware has a sleek design and easy to clean surfaces. These pieces can save money by preventing the spread of bacteria. They are also hygienic, as sanitary ware is used several times a day. Because it is exposed to water, it must be easy to maintain and stain-resistant. Durability is important, too. The best sanitary ware can handle 400 kilograms of weight without cracking.

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