Portable, overhead or side spray which is better?

Portable, overhead and side spray
Overhead showers are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit every installation. A good overhead shower provides many different spray patterns to meet the different needs and moods of users.

Hand shower
From simple to gorgeous, hand showers come in many shapes, sizes and designs. You should choose a hand shower that has internal hoses leading to all of the nozzles to ensure a balanced water flow.
Please choose a nozzle made of silicone to prevent limescale build-up. It can be removed with just a swipe with your hands or a rag. Finally, make sure that the shower is comfortable to hold and has multiple spray modes before purchasing, and switching between modes must be effortless and effortless.

Overhead shower
The overhead shower can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Many manufacturers also offer a range of shower arms that allow you to enjoy the flow of water directly overhead.
Oversized, ceiling-mounted overhead showers are becoming increasingly popular, with a contemporary design and generous water flow.
Obviously, the larger the size, the more water is required. You will need to consult showroom personnel or a plumber to be sure there is an adequate supply of hot water. Please compare the water supply per minute required by the overhead showers of various manufacturers, and choose the product with higher efficiency.

Side spray
Side showers, also known as body showers, are small shower heads that are placed on one or more walls in the shower area. Each emits a concentrated jet of water to flush a specific target body area. Their position is determined at the time of installation, but the spray direction can still be adjusted with the ball joint.

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