Introduction to some knowledge points of Overhead Shower Heads!

Overhead Shower Heads: A Popular Luxury Showering Option
An overhead shower head is a great way to bring an immersive, rain-inspired shower experience to your bathroom. They are often ceiling mounted, but you can also install a wall-mounted model or an adjustable shower arm for a more accessible overhead solution.

Installation: Choosing the right height
To get the most out of your overhead shower, you'll want to install it near the highest point of your shower floor. This will create a comfortable height for everyone, especially if there's taller and shorter members of your household.

Mounting: Consider a drop ear elbow behind the wall for a stable installation. These fittings secure the nipple that holds the shower arm to a backer board so it's less likely to break if you put a heavy shower head on a long arm.

Depending on your needs, there are also some overhead shower heads that can add more water pressure. These models typically feature an adjustable flow rate or different spray patterns that increase water pressure for a more intense showering experience.

Coverage: How much area the shower spray covers is a big factor in selecting a rain shower head. Larger models have greater coverage and can spread the water more evenly.

Pressure: How strong the water pressure is on your skin is another important consideration. This can be determined by a few factors, including the size of the shower head and its diameter.

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