How to pressurize a large shower head?

1. Many people may be very interested in the supercharged principle of the large shower head. Today, the editor will tell us the principle of the supercharged large shower head. Increasing the pressure of the large shower head originally required a configuration. The air was squeezed into the nozzle of the large shower head, and the pressure of the air was added to enhance the water flow under the condition of equal water volume.

2. Originally, the supercharging principle of the large shower head is similar. It is only technically different depending on the brand of the large shower head. For example, Jiumu's smart shower, it automatically changes the water inlet area according to the water pressure, and when the water pressure is small, the water inlet area is turned on. In this way, the water output reaches a balance, which achieves the intention of supercharging.

The above is the introduction about how to dismantle the large shower head and the pressurization of the large shower. The cleaning and maintenance of the large shower head can give us a comfortable bathing environment. The large shower head in the bathroom has a deep connection with our life. Cleaning A clean and large shower head gives us a healthy and comfortable bathing environment.

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