How to Install a Shower Column?

A Shower Column is a modern alternative to the conventional shower head and controls. It's easy to install and doubles the functionality of your shower.

A shower column is a complete bathroom solution that includes a showerhead, handshower and tub spout in one unit. It can be installed on the wall or inside a shower enclosure.

These showers often feature multiple spray functions, including rain and massage modes. This allows you to create a customized shower experience that's perfect for your lifestyle and needs.

Shower Columns can also be custom designed to suit your space and preferences. Some include storage and shelving areas to store toiletries and other items you may want to use while taking a shower.

How to Install a Shower Panel?
To install a shower panel, first remove any existing shower fixtures and drill the product's included brackets into the wall as directed by the product's installation instructions. Next, connect the shower panel's hoses to the hot and cold plumbing pipes already in place in your home.
Then hang your shower panel on the wall and test for leakage. If necessary, seal the hose connections with plumber's tape to keep your shower water-tight.

A shower column is an ideal way to achieve a sleek, sophisticated look in your bathroom without spending a fortune. They come in a variety of finishes, so you can easily match them to other elements in your space.

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