How to choose the glass glue for the base of the shower bracket?

1. The quality of glass glue can be investigated from the aspects of viscosity, tensile force, mildew proof, simple cleaning, and discoloration. From the color point of view, glass glue has various colors, such as white, black, color, etc. There are bright colors.
2. Acidic silicone glass glue: It has a wide range of adhesion and has excellent adhesion to most building materials such as glass, aluminum, and oil-free wood. However, it cannot be used for bonding ceramics, marble, etc.
3. Neutral silicone glass glue: can be used to bond ceramic sanitary ware, marble, etc.
4. There are many types of glass glue on the market, including acid glass glue, neutral weather-resistant glue, silicic acid neutral structural glue, silicone stone glue, neutral mildew-proof glue, insulating glass glue, special glue for aluminum-plastic panels, aquarium Special glue, special glue for large glass, special glue for bathroom mildew, acid structural glue, etc. Before buying glass glue, you should read the instruction manual carefully.
5. The packaging of most glass glues will indicate the materials that are suitable for bonding, and some will also indicate the bonding strength of different materials when they are bonded. When consumers buy glass glue, Canon should carefully read the instructions for use.
6. When consumers buy glass glue, they should still shop around to avoid affecting the life of interior decoration. Consumers can go to famous stores to buy brand glass glue; they can check whether the information on the packaging is complete and true, such as the name of the factory, the date of manufacture, whether there is a certificate of conformity, a warranty certificate, a product inspection statement, etc.; consumers can buy one first Go home and test the colloid to see if the smell is unpleasant, whether there are particles and bubbles, whether the curing time conforms to the product description, etc.

Although the glass glue for the base of the shower head bracket is very inconspicuous, it is a frequently used accessory in the process of home improvement, and its quality will directly affect the use of the shower head in the future, so everyone must choose prudently.

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