How to remove the shower head?

The shower head can be removed as follows:





1. Under normal circumstances, it is not a strong support for everyone to always remove the nozzles, because sometimes it is easy to install and difficult to install. If the water output of the newly replaced nozzles is still very small, you should take a look at the place where we hold the nozzles and the softness. A screw buckle connected to the pipe, check to see if there is a plug in the screw buckle that prevents the flow of water. If there is, take this small plug out and the water flow will increase.
2. The nozzles we use for bathing are generally composed of a water outlet cover and a hand-held nozzle rod. Generally, there is a rotating handle under the nozzle rod to adjust the size of the water. When using it, we can clockwise or counterclockwise. Rotate it to adjust the size of the water output and the temperature of the water. If the rotating handle cannot be rotated, it means that the nozzle above cannot be removed because the connection is too tight.
3. There is usually a small gap around the sprinkler head. We can use tools to remove the head. For example, use a screwdriver. Use a screwdriver to hold the sprinkler head against the gap, and then rotate the sprinkler cover counterclockwise to remove it. Actually, shower There are many types of sprinklers, but the principles are the same. Most of them just unscrew the sprinkler cover in a counterclockwise direction. Of course, some have to adopt different methods according to different structures.
In fact, according to the different ways of dismantling the shower head of each person’s home, you can still remove the nozzle very quickly. I also need to remind everyone to remember to turn off the sluice when dismantling the nozzle, otherwise wait for the next time. It's not good to accidentally be poured over when opening it.

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