How to install the rain shower rod better?

The rain shower rod is a must-install item in every family bathroom. However, how can I make the rain shower rod in my home complement the bathroom and improve the decoration quality of the bathroom? Let’s take a look at the rain shower rod with Cixi XinYi Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd. How to install customization can be better.


Rain shower rod-convenient arc shower rod installation
Back to the traditional arc shower rod, it is very convenient to use. The Changzhou decoration staff told us that the 250mm copper circular rain shower can indulge the warmth and nourishment of the emotional touch. The hand-held shower head has three functions as a supplement, suitable for the bathing needs of the whole family. The lift rod and shower rod of the hand-held shower are integrated, which is more concise and useful. The metal hose is anti-circumferential, so even the children at home can use it with ease.
Rain shower rod-head and side spray shower tailor-made feature plan
People who often suffer from back and waist pain recommend choosing a side spray shower and massage with water streams to relieve pain. According to your own needs, plan the number and orientation of the side spray showers in advance, and draw up the plan for waterway reconstruction together. The side spray shower can also adjust different water outlet methods and directions. Be careful not to spray the shower directly on the side when the valve is just opened to avoid accidental damage caused by unstable water pressure.
Rain shower rod
Rain shower rod-the slim shower column easily creates a double bathing space
The shower column occupies a small area and is suitable for use when building a two-person bathhouse. There is no need to embed pipelines, and the installation is convenient. The Changzhou decoration staff believe that the reliable hard water pipe has a long service life, and the hose is connected to the hand shower as a supplement for the shower. The water will not splash everywhere, and it can be used with shower trays.
Rain shower rod-hand shower to wash in place
Usually the family chooses this combination of hand shower, lifting rod, hose and wall-mounted shower faucet, which is the most affordable and efficient, and can be equipped with shower room or shower curtain. The decoration staff in Changzhou thought that the height of the lifting pole should be paid attention to. The height of the top end should be 10 centimeters higher than the height of the person. Using a hand shower can wash a certain part of the body at close range, saving more water. If someone at home has mobility problems and needs to take a bath, the hand-held shower can be more effective.

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