What should I do if the shower head is blocked and there is little water coming out? Easy to solve without disassembly

If the shower head at home is used for a long time, it will inevitably become clogged, resulting in low water flow and slow water flow. It feels very inconvenient to use. How does the shower head cause blockage? What method can we use to quickly solve the congestion problem?
Why is the shower head blocked? Most of the reasons are caused by the accumulated scale caused by long-term use. If the shower head is not cleaned frequently, it will accumulate a lot of bacteria and cause harm to our body. Therefore, we should clean the shower head regularly, so that not only is it not easy to block the shower head, but it is also not easy to breed bacteria.

A good way to clean the shower head
Next, we will share a good way to clean the shower head. First, we take a plastic bottle. It is better to use a slightly larger beverage bottle. We cut off the upper part of the bottle and only use the lower part. Next, we pour the right amount of white vinegar and water into the bottle. If the blockage is serious, add more white vinegar, so that the cleaning effect will be more obvious. White vinegar has a particularly obvious effect on softening scale, and white vinegar also has a sterilization effect. Then we immersed the head of the shower in the liquid. Generally soaking for 4-6 hours, we can also soak overnight so that the effect will be better.
The next day, we took out the shower head and rinsed it off with clean water. Let's try the effect again. At this time, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the water flow has become larger, will you feel very happy?
Every day I will share some practical life tips with you. If you like, follow me. If you think this method is not bad, just forward it to your family and friends, hoping that more people can benefit from it.

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